Who We Are

Our Mission

The world is at a tipping point which demands greater consciousness, social responsibility and collective effort to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

We believe that many of these problems will be solved by the ingenuity of mission driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders.

We also believe in order to heal the planet, we must also develop our inner capacity, agency and self awareness. From this place we can pursue our most meaningful work.

Our Team

Oliver Evans

Co-Founder & CEO

Mikul Wing

Co-Founder & Production

Jaci Sander

Chief of Staff

Carina Cunha

Head of Strategy

Paige Evans


Brendan Weafer

VP Client Relations

The KINN Ecosystem

At The KINN, our diverse community consists of leaders from various industries, including tech, media, hospitality, wellness, impact, and entertainment. We are united by a shared set of values:

Unconditional Support

Be Your Commitment

Be Vulnerable

Play Full Out


Our Partners

The KINN offers a fertile ground for co-creation, collaboration, and the collective action of a brighter world. We recognize that achieving this goal requires extensive collaborative partnerships, both within our local community and on a global scale.

Ready to amplify your impact and belong to a community pioneering positive change? Join Us!

We exist to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs, providing an intentional environment, exceptional community and world-class programming, all centered around cultivating your mind, heart and agency to make your largest impact.

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