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We Believe:

The world demands greater consciousness, ingenuity and responsibility to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

We exist to support mission driven entrepreneurs and conscious leaders with the resources to bring the fullness of their visions to life.

Our Community

Our vibrant community consists of conscious leaders, founders, creatives, and investors who prioritize self-awareness, inner growth, and making positive contributions to the world. We all share a common goal of supporting each other’s growth to realize our individual and collective potential. Providing investment opportunities, new business, access to hiring talent and invaluable relationships.

Collaborative Workspace

We’ve created an inspirational environment to do your most meaningful work in the heart of Venice, CA. Our collaborative workspace and clubhouse includes a private member lounge and tea bar, dedicated workspace, conference rooms, podcasting studio on the 2nd floor and a 2500 ft wellness ground floor studio. It’s a place to inspire, connect and co-create.

Event Programming

Our event programming includes unique business and personal growth workshops, partner retreats, masterclasses and panel talks with some of the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. As well as various social, art, culture and live music events.

Accelerator Program

Join a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking for personal and professional growth, whilst propelling a business project over an 8-week period.

Participates leave the program with forward momentum, a trusted peer to peer network, and as a more capable and inspired leader.

Our Season 4 program commences in October, 2023.

The discipline and rigor of evolving ourselves, paired with the collective intelligence of groups of people doing the same, can enact solutions.

— Daniel Schmachtenberger (Founder of The Consilience Project and Social Philosopher)

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